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Mini Bowl

Wet Molded Tray

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Wet molded and hand finished, a safe space for your tiny, precious items. A ONE21 original. 


This is a very unique ONE21 product. The Mini Tray is unlike any other due to the unique silicone molds and resin blocks I have made to make them the perfect size and shape. I have extensively worked with wet molding leather since 2019 and continue to develop new ways to use it.

These are made in two separate pieces (inside & outside) that are then adhered together firmly.

Once finished setting I hand cut the ring around the tray, sanding it to create a smooth edge. Lastly applying tokonole for a protected finish.


Always made from the smoothest, brightest Buttero Leather!


140x140 mm

20 mm deep

Carry Capacity

Small items, jewelry, AirPods, keys