• Do you offer custom brand stamping?
    •  We do currently offer the option for businesses to purchase products with their logo(s). Any businesses looking to purchase our products with individualized stamping can contact us via email at theo@one21goods.com.


  • How long do custom projects take?
    • For any regularly stocked products (as seen in “Our Leather & Thread” section), custom color orders can be completed within 7 days of approved selections. However, the pace at which we receive orders will determine shorter or longer wait-times. We regularly update our order wait times on our instagram page, @one21goods.


  • What if I want a specific leather design but need different materials than I see on your website?
    • With over 150 leather choices in our inventory, we will most likely have something that will suit your vision. If not, we have spent endless hours researching and sourcing the world's finest leathers and will be more than happy to bring in a material you will love. 


  • What if I want to be sure that the product I purchase will be the same color in-person as it looks in photos?
    • Our website and Instagram pages showcase our products photographed with with a mirrorless camera in an image “white-box”, in natural light, and in videos! We will also have opportunities where you can feel our products for yourself. Visit our Instagram for dates of markets and festivals we’ll be featured in!